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Q: Injured at Wal-Mart by a customer do I have to pay the bills: Was shopping at Wal-Mart and customer operating Wal-Mart motorized shopping cart backed into ankle

Asked 7 days ago in Personal Injury

A: Jennifer’s answer: Typically businesses are not responsible for the negligence of other shoppers unless they were negligent in some way and failed to protect you. You may have a case against the other individual who injured you but whether it is worth the the cost and whether the other party would have the ability to pay any judgement even if awarded should be considered and likely would be by an attorney reviewing the case.

Answered 1 day ago.

Q: What are the reasons for being denied on a uninsured motorist claim?: I was denied on my uninsured motorist claim because the other party involved denied liability but had valid insurance coverage. Therefore although they were determined not to be not liable for the accident, I was denied the UM because they had valid insurance. The driver that hit me had no license or did not have the registration or insurance for the car. he told me it was his girlfriend’s car. We both had Geico based on the policy of the other party’s car registration that was given by the police department.

Asked 5 days ago in Car Accident

A: Jennifer’s answer: If other driver was insured you cannot claim uninsured thru your own insurance policy however depending on the severity/costs of the accident you may be able to file a claim against the other driver underinsured motorist coverage. This applies if the other drivers policy limit  does not cover your damages( medicals and pain and suffering etc ).Property damage alone would be a separate claim.

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